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Win & Win Printer Pte Ltd


Win & Win Printer is a dynamic design and printing company in Singapore founded by Ms Anne Kiew in 1995. Over the last 22 years, we have provided a wide variety of designing and instant, offset and digital printing services to our customers in the private and public sectors. Since the beginning, we have recognized the need to constantly upgrade ourselves - with state-of-the-art software and machines to support the required output.

We pay attention to our communication with our clients, in order to gain valuable feedback to continually improve our services further. This has helped us throughout our existence, especially when we acquired the technology to provide digital printing, further augmenting Win & Win Printer's status as one of the leaders in the printing industry.

Our focus on providing personal service to our clients sets us apart from our competitors. We constantly aim to be different from other printers and to accomplish this, we offer one-stop design and print solutions for our clients, as well as provide comprehensive pre-print and post-print services. With our perseverance, patience and our goal to always go the extra mile to deliver our promises without compromising on quality, we have been able to gain the loyalty of our clients, who regularly come back to us for our services.

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Win & Win Printer comprises of a group of loyal and committed staff members. We value our staff, and our good and responsible staff members have been an asset to your company. We believe in showing mutual support and respect for our associates, our customers, and our staff.  

With almost twenty years of history under its belt, Win & Win Printer aims to keep going for many more years. We aim to expand further and plan to get more space for our company so we can bring in more design & print machinery and advance technology, to cater to a wider range of services to our clients.  

Our spirit is reflected in our company name and our vision is to continue our prominence in the printing industry in the years to come.  

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Our experienced sales team has always been leading the company towards a challenging printing technology. 



We have always been recognized for their productivity, qualities and speed. 



Innovative, creative and are able to deliver and conceptualize the best designs to our customers.